​​Welcome to the Language Lab​

Technology Support Services is proud to offer students access to all available forms of media to enhance their educational experience. Located on the 1st floor of the Salvatore G. Rotella Digital Library. The Language Lab offers multimedia in support of a variety of foreign languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

The Language Lab provides students that are taking foreign language classes access to the materials they are required to view or listen to for their class. These materials are available through a server in streaming format and video cassette format. Some material not yet available in digital format must be viewed in the Digital Library in the Specialized Technology area on the second floor. In addtion to the required audio and video class material, supplemental foreign language titles are also available.
See below for Salvatore G. Rotella Digital Library World Langugage Lab hours.



DL 108 Fall 2020 Hours
Monday Closed
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Satuday Closed
Sunday Closed​

​Computer Checkout

TSS strives to provide the most current technology to the students of Riverside City College. With that goal in mind, TSS maintains 88 computer workstations in the Digital Library specific for World Languages usage, which provide audio and video material in a streaming format.

Students wishing to use these computers simply need to sit down at an available computer in the lab. After logging in to CI Track on the workstation, the student will be able to browse the streaming  media website in order to find the required class material. If, at any time, a student experiences any problems he/she should immediately inform a World Languages staff member, who will be happy to provide assistance.
Due to copyright restrictions, some audio and video materials for some foreign language classes may not be available on the computer workstations; however, TSS and library are working to obtain permission in order to make additional titles available to students in digital format.


​Video & Audio Checkout

Those students who need to listen to audio material may check out a Language Lab computer workstation. Please refer to the Computer Checkout section for more information
TSS also offers video replay services of supplemental Instructional Materials in the library. In order to view a video, a student simply needs to provide a library circulation desk staff member with the video's call number, which can be found in the library's LAMP catalog. The library staff member will inform the student of the number of the desk within the Specialized Technology Center where the video will be played for them.

The library does not offer video checkout for home viewing. Only instructors may check out videos. Copyright laws prohibit TSS from duplicating videos without written permission from the copyright holder.