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Welcome to T​he Convergence Center

The Convergence Center is a self help resource for faculty & staff. We are here to help you with your multimedia needs. Here you will be able to enhance your media presentations by adding digital photographs, animations, video (that you can edit here) and more. We have the latest in slide and photograph scanning equipment along with digital editing for your videos, all of this with industry leading software and help.

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This is a quick tour of the Convergence Center which will go over its equipment and capabilities

Slide Scanning

You will learn how to take 35mm slides and convert them into images that can be used in Powerpoint presentations or even place them on website. The Convergence Center uses a Microtek scanner that can scan slides in at up to 2400DPI (Dots Per Inch)

CD/DVD Burning

With this service you will learn how to take files and make them available in either a CD or DVD format. This allows you to take large image files with you.

Non-Linear Video Editing

This type of editing is described as allowing random access to both audio and video material. The Convergence Center uses Adobe Preimere for editing purposes and has the capability to export to multiple formats including MiniDV, VHS, and DVD.

Motion Graphics Software

Using Adobe After Effects you can learn how to add simple animations to your presentations. In addition you can learn how to add 3D animations through the use of Lightwave.

Image Editing Software

Through the use of Adobe Photoshop CS you can learn to manipulate images. You can learn how to remove certain aspects of a digital image as well as add material which may be beneficial.

DVD Authoring

Using Adobe Encore you can turn movie clips, digital images, and animations into a DVD that is viewable on DVD players. This powerful technology allows you to package your material into something that is easily viewable and easily distributed.