The Umoja Community

A Pathway Support Services Program


African/African-American Student Engagement Center

Umoja means “collective work and responsibility” in Swa​hili.

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Location: Bradshaw Building 110 (H.O.M.E. Room – next to the cafeteria)

Phone: 951-222-8130


The Umoja Community Mission Statement: From a perspective that is responsive to the legacy of African American history and culture, the umoja Project is committed, through providing dedicated support and guidance, to helping students identify and develop positive behaviors in their personal, social, and academic lives that will lead to academic success and engagement in college life, foster community among students and strengthen students’ relationships and ties to their home communities.


The Umoja Community Services & Resources

·         A comprehensive two-year educational plan along with a semester by semester plan, reviewed by a umoja counselor

·         Counseling: academic, career, financial aid, personal achievement

·         Learning Communities (Guidance, English, African History, African Art, etc.)

·         Laptop, textbook, and African novel lending 

·         One-on-one tutoring 

·         Special guests and motivational speakers

·         Peer Advocates/Faculty Mentors

·         Speakers, workshops, field trips, college tours

·         Men of umoja - student club

·         Queens of umoja - student club

·         The Umoja Community Official Student Club

·         “Black Thought” – Discussion Forums

·         H.O.M.E Room (Hope, Opportunity, Mentoring, Empowerment)

o   Bradshaw Building 110 – engagement center 


The Umoja Community Requirements

Students must fall into an equity gap category under RCC’s Equity and Student Success Plan. umoja’s equity target group is African/African-American/Black students. However, any qualifying student can participate. To be eligible students must complete the following steps:

             1. Complete the RCC Orientation, Assessment, and Counseling process

          2. Submit umoja application

          3. Attend a mandatory program orientation

          4. Sign a The Umoja Community Statement of Commitments


The Umoja Community Expectations


1.      Develop a comprehensive Student Educational Plan with the umoja Counselor during the first semester of participation.

2.      Complete one appointment with the umoja Counselor each fall and spring term to track my education progress.

3.      Complete one appointment with the umoja Educational Advisor each fall and spring  terms for academic support.

4.      Attend 3 on campus workshops each semester (at least one umoja workshop).

5.      Be a member of the umoja Student Club. 

6.      Complete 20 hours of umoja affiliated service/activities each fall and spring term that may include club activities, umoja student success workshops, field trips, and conferences.  




H.O.M.E. Room and Umoja Community 

Bradshaw Building 110

Riverside City College

4800 Magnolia Avenue

Riverside, CA 92506



951-222-8130 (HOME Room)


RCC Equity Commitment

RCC is committed to establishing an effective, campus-wide culture of outreach. Targeting equity groups with academic, instructional, self-affirming, and direct support allows students to remain engaged in campus life and successfully complete coursework, leading to degree competition and/or transfer opportunities.

Through intrusive and deliberate support, students who fall into an equity service gap:

  1. Will be guided into RCC’s Pathway Contract model. 
  2. Will have the opportunity to be engaged in academic and equity activities within a supportive community.
  3. Be provided opportunities to explore unique academic and professional interests (RCC Equity Plan 2018-2019).

If you are currently part of Umoja, please click the button below to make an appointment with an Umoja Counselor.​