​​Study Abroad Program 

Serving students district-wide at Riverside City College, Moreno Valley College and Norco College, the Riverside Community College District’s Study Abroad Program offers an unparalleled international education experience. The District’s commitment to international education has been reflected in a wide variety of programs and activities throughout the years.  
study abroad

Why Study Abroad?

In today’s complex world and competitive job market, the decision to study abroad may be one of the best decisions you ever make. Study abroad is an opportunity to learn from new or different perspectives, to absorb another culture and gain an appreciation for another way of life. No wonder most students who study abroad rate their experience as one of the most important of their undergraduate career!
Many of our former study abroad students have returned to their study site to attend universities, obtain higher degrees and to establish careers.  Our students are employed through throughout Europe, China and Japan.  

Financial Aid for Study Abroad is available for those who qualify.

To check your individual financial aid status, contact your financial aid counselor: 

Norco students contact: Leticia Sampson 951-372-7000 Leticia.Sampson@NorcoCollege.edu ​
Moreno Valley students contact: Tracy Sampson  951-571-6100 Tracy.Sampson@MVC.edu
Riverside City students contact:Jana Gray    951-222-8713     jana.gray@rcc.edu 

​Study Abroad Info Meetings

RCC Campus:
March 19th12pm-1:30 Hall of Fame

April 25th 4pm-5:30
Bradshaw Citrus Room

Norco College
March 20th 4pm-5:30
CSS #217

April 26th 4pm-5:30
ST #107

Moreno Valley College
March 27th 12:30-2pm
SAS #302

April 23rd 4pm-5:30
SAS #214

Study Abroad Office Location
Technology B, Room 203
Riverside City College Campus
Monday through Friday 
8:00am to 5:00pm​
         Phone: (951) 222-8160​​