​Understanding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
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What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Students are required to make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in order to continue receiving federal student aid.  In other words, students are required to make good enough grades and successfully complete enough units to keep making progress toward their degree or certificate in a time frame that is acceptable.  To view the complete SAP policy, please click on the button above.

How is SAP measured?

The government requires that students meet two SAP standards:

Qualitative Standard: All RCCD students are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0

Quantitative Standard: All RCCD Students are required to complete at least 67% of the total (cumulative) units attempted.  This is known as maintaining an acceptable Pace of Progression.  For example, a student who attempts 20 units, and successfully completes 12 of those units, would have a 60% Pace of Progression (12 / 20 = .60).  Stop by the Student Financial Services office to ensure you are making acceptable progress.  Students are also required to complete their program by attempting fewer than 150% of the units in the program's published length.  This is known as completing their program within the Maximum Time Frame.  For example, a student who is registered in a program with 60 required units for completion, would only be eligible for aid for up to 90 units (60 x 150% = 90). 

For a detailed explanation of how SAP is measured, please click on the SAP Policy button above.

When is SAP evaluated?

All students are evaluated for SAP at the end of each semester.  If determined to be ineligible for future federal student aid, students are notified of their ineligible status due to Qualitative or Quantitative Status.  

For detailed information regarding the SAP evaluatioin process, please click on the SAP Policy button above.

What happens if I fail to meet SAP?

Students failing to meet SAP are put on a one semester warning period, which will allow them to receive financial aid for one semester, even if they are not meeting SAP.  If after the warning period, the student fails to meet SAP, the student will become ineligible.  Students who fail to meet SAP due to Maximum Time Frame, do not receive a warning period. 

Students who are determined to be SAP ineligible are allowed to appeal for additional aid.  Students can be Appeal Approved ONLY ONCE while attending RCCD.  In order to appeal, students must have extenuating circumstances, and must be able to provide documentation of the circumstances which lead to them not meeting SAP.

If in a warning period, or determined to be SAP ineligible, students should read the complete SAP Policy, by clicking the button above.  

How does a student appeal?

SAP is measured after each semester.  Once a student receives notification of their ineligibility, students can appeal by following the process outlined in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.  The policy can be viewed by clicking on the button at the top of this page. 
Attend a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Workshop?
Have you been determined a warning status or ineligible student for financial aid? Do you plan to attend Riverside City College for the current term? If so, please attend any of our 1 Hour Satisfactory Academic Progress Workshop listed below:

To schedule a SAP Fall 2020 Zoom Workshop please email studentfinancialservices@rcc.edu

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