Rebecca Moonstone Picture

What Is SI?

A Message from the SI Coordinator:
Hello, my name is Rebecca Moon-Stone. I would like to welcome you to our fabulous Supplemental Instructional (SI) program at Riverside City College.  I have the distinct pleasure of serving a group of remarkable SI Leaders and faculty members.  We also have the profound pleasure of a new addition to our program: online tutoring and online Supplemental Instructional (SI) which are funded through RCC’s Title V grant, Pathways to Excellence. Steve Gomez is the Director of the Title V grant and has been instrumental in assisting with this new addition to our programs. 

Many believe Supplemental Instruction and tutoring are one and the same.  Although tutoring is one of many successful programs provided for students’ advancement of their educational goals, there are vast differences in the roles of a tutor and an SI Leader.   A tutor is a person, often a qualified student, who provides one-on-one assistance for students who are struggling and/or need guidance in a specific area of study.  While tutoring may meet some students’ needs, others may prefer group study. First, the SI Leader is required to attend every class session, take notes, and to exemplify model student behavior.  The SI leader’s focus is not one-on-one; instead, it is oriented towards group discussion, clusters, and many other collaborative learning techniques.  Using these types of study strategies are an efficient and effective way of engaging students in a creative learning environment.
We appreciate those who have faithfully been with the program and we encourage those of you who have not had the opportunity to be a part of the program to come and join us!