SI Awards - Spring 2017

Kyle Kester, Rookie of the Semester (not pictured)

Kyle Kester
Rookie of the Semester
James Leduc, Certificate of Excellence

James Leduc
Certificate of Excellence
Cheng Hang Weng, SI Leader of the Semester

Cheng Hang Weng
SI Leader of the Semester
Stephanie Salas, SI Coordinator Award

Stephanie Salas
SI Coordinator Award
Monica Lozano, Most Valuable SI Leader

Monica Lozano
Most Valuable SI Leader
Cheng Hang Weng, Most SI Session Attended

Cheng Hang Weng
Most SI Sessions Attended
Ming Hei Ma, Most Improved SI Leader

Ming Hei Ma
Most Improved SI Leader
Andrea Venegas, Honorable Mention

Andrea Venegas
Honorable Mention