SI Faculty Resources

The SI Team

The SI coordinator, student leader and faculty all work together for student success.

The SI program has been designed to minimize additional faculty time commitment. On average, this includes:

  • Promote SI study sessions- 2 minutes
  • Class Announcement. Since SI attendance is voluntary, it's important to let the SI leader speak for a few minutes at the beginning of your first or second lecture to promote the study sessions.
  • Endorsement. Include SI session information in your syllabus and verbally endorse the session at the beginning and throughout the semester by displaying a PowerPoint slide with the session times prior to class. Provide the SI leaders few minutes at the beginning of class to make weekly announcements.
  • Meet weekly with the SI leader- 10-30 minutes
  • Briefly discuss with you SI leader what took place in the sessions and share ideas on how to present difficult subject matter.
  • Interview and help select your SI student leaders- Optional

Student Leaders

In small, informal groups, SI leaders provide the tools students need to find answers on their own and gain confidence.

SI leaders

  • Attend each lecture and take notes
  • Design creative lesson plans based on material emphasized in lectures, homework assignments and exam objectives
  • Hold two or three study sessions each week
  • Meet with the professor/instructor weekly for feedback
  • Encourage students to attend SI session

SI Faculty Resource Forms

Faculty Request Form for SIs and Embedded Tutors
Faculty Recommendation Form

Student Support
Cost Effective

"What can faculty do to help students experience the 'six success factors'--focused, directed, nurtured, engaged, connected and valued--during their community college enrollment? Below are 10 suggestions the RP Group gleaned from nearly 900 California community college learners participating in [the RP Group's] Student Support (Re)defined study."
 - RP Group

10 Ways Faculty Can Support Students' Success
10 Ways Faculty Can Support Students' Success (continued)
10 Ways Everyone Can Help Support Student Success
10 Ways Everyone Can Help Support Student Success (continued) 
Action Planning for the Directed Success Factor 
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Download the 5 above sheets as a single PDF ⇨⇨Student Support (Re)defined