La CasTextbook Lending
​​Welcome to La Casa's Textbook Lending Webpage. Below you will find information regarding the textbook lending service available to La Casa and Riverside City College students.

Textbook Lending Program
La Casa Program has made several textbook purchases over the years and has a reserve for textbook lending. Textbooks are housed in the Digital Library/Learning Resource Center. La Casa Program and Riverside City College students are eligible to borrow textbooks from the reserve.
Must be an active La Casa Program student enrolled full-time for priority lending.
Paperwork is to be completed in La Casa during the priority lending time frame.
Any textbook checked-out from the Digital Library/Learning Resource Center is to be renewed every 2 weeks, in person or online.
How it works:
1. The first step is to check if we own the textbook. Below is a list of what has been purchased by La Casa and may* be available in the reserve.
2. The second step is to check the Library website if the textbook is available. Because the above list is not a "live" list, there is no guarantee that the book is available. (Someone may have already checked out the only copy) Below are the instructions to check on textbook availablity.
3. If the textbook is available, the next step is to complete the "Book Lending Application". This form will only be available in La Casa during the Priority Lending time frame (see below).
4. Once the form is properly completed and signed by a La Casa staff, you will be given a yellow carbon copy to take to the Library. There, the Library circulation desk staff will check out the textbook for you.
5. The textbook you are borrowing needs to be renewed every 2 weeks, in person or online.
Priority Lending:
Students actively enrolled in La Casa program have priority to the textbook lending during the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters and during the first week of the Summer and Winter sessions. Paperwork must be completed in La Casa during these time periods.


La Casa program opens its textbook lending program to Riverside City College students who are currently enrolled in classes after the priority lending time frames. Please visit La Casa or the Digital Library to complete the required lending paperwork.

As program funding continues to be available, further textbook assistance may also be available. Please contact La Casa staff if you have any questions regarding textbook lending.