​What is Family PACT?

Family PACT is a family planning program that helps eligible students  avoid getting pregnant or causing a pregnancy when they are not ready by providing free contraceptive services.

Why should I enroll?

Your Family PACT provider will help you prevent an unplanned pregnancy and protect your reproductive health. All Family PACT services are available at no-cost to you while you are enrolled.

Who Is eligible?

Family PACT is a limited-benefits family planning program with four simple eligibility criteria:

    1. You live in California
    2. You have a low family income or you receive financial aid for most of your income
    3. You must have no other source of health care coverage that can be used for family planning services;
    4. You want to prevent an unplanned pregnancy or have a medical necessity for family planning services, regardless of gender.

What birth control methods does Family PACT cover?

SHPS offers:
    • Barriers, including condoms
    • Birth Control Pills
    • Emergency Contraceptives like PLAN B
    • Contraceptive Shot (Depo)​
​The following is a​vailable by referral
    • Contraceptive Ring (NuvaRing)
    • Contraceptive Implant
    • Intrauterine Contraceptive (IUC)
    • Contraceptive Patch
    • Diaphragm and Cap
    • Spermicides and Sponge
    • Natural Family Planning Methods
    • Sterilization

How do I apply?

Stop by Student Health and Psychological Services or call 951-222-8151 to make an appointment for family planning and contractive consultation. We can help you!