Reach for Success with Seeking Success!
Six-Week Fall Program

The goal is to empower individuals who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. These groups will help you to develop positive, safer coping skills to deal with stress in healthy ways and to improve relationships. ​

Spots are limited! If interested, please contact Karina Mendoza at to schedule a time to complete screening paperwork and reserve your seat in a group.

Free refreshments are provided at each group.
$20 gift card received upon program completion.

Fall 2019 groups are held once a week beginning November 5 - 6 at the following times:​​​​​
                      • Tuesdays, 5pm
                      • Wednesdays, 10am
                      • Wednesdays, 5pm
The first session is 90 minutes. All other workshops are 60 minutes.

Contact Student Health & Psychological Services at (951) 222-8151