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Student Health & Psychological Services (SHPS)​
Student Health & Psychological Services provides a basic medical clinic, individual and group counseling, and health education to improve student health and success in college. Services provided include short term clinical care for illnesses and injuries, brief psychological counseling for mental health concerns, crisis intervention, and preventive health promotion.​ Your medical records and all discussions with the health center staff are confidential. Records will not be released without written consent of the student unless required by law.
The Health Center is supported by the mandatory student health fee paid at the time of registration. You must be a registered student to be eligible for services. Family members are not eligible. Faculty and Staff are not eligible to use the services except for tuberculin skin testing as required by the district as a condition of employment.

Hours of Operation, Location, and Contact Information 

Location: Bradshaw Building under Bookstore​
Phone: (951) 222-8151

Services and Fees

  • ​Physician diagnosis and treatment for short term
  • Low-cost physical exams for RCCD program requirements 
  • ​Immunizations and TB testing
  • Women's health screening
  • Personal Counseling
  • Substance abuse information and counseling
  • Community referrals
  • Free over-the-counter medications and condoms
  • First aid and emergency care
  • Low-cost prescriptions- such as antibiotics 
  • Family-PACT, free family planning for eligible students
    • and Plan B​

There is no fee for the office visit however a small fee may be charged for in-office lab tests, prescription medicines and immunizations. ​

Physical exams for RCCD program requirements (e.g. Nursing, Physician Assistant, etc.) are available at a cost of $25.

Have a Health Services Question? Try our Frequently Asked Questions​.

If your question is still not answered, give us a call at 951-222-8151 or stop in.

Student Health and Psychological Services Event Calendar​​