Here you will find the answers to the questions most frequently asked about student health services.


+-Can I get birth control through health services?

Yes, registered students can obtain contraceptives through health services by prescription or over the counter. Many students are eligible for free family planning devices through the Family Pact program.

See our link :

+-Do I have to pay to see the doctor?

There is no charge to see the Health Services staff. A fee applies for lab tests, immunizations, pharmaceuticals, and program required physical exams.

+-Can I get a physical exam or TB Test?

Personal Wellness Physicals are free, by appointment. Physical exams for Riverside Community College program related requirements (e.g. nursing, childcare programs etc.) are available by appointment at a cost of $25.00. TB tests are at our cost $10.

+-Can the doctor give me a prescription?

Some prescription pharmaceuticals are available at cost in health services when prescribed by a college physician or nurse practitioner, OR a prescription may be issued for the student to take to their pharmacy of choice. No refills by phone.

+-Can I get health insurance through the college?

The college does not provide medical insurance. The National Affordable Care Act requires all citizens to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty. Many students will be eligible for low or no cost insurance. The health services office has referrals to help you get coverage. Please come by anytime and talk with our staff! Having access to health insurance is essential to student success and wellness.

+-What if I am injured on campus ?

All accidents should be reported immediately to the instructor and the health center. As a registered student, limited insurance is provided against accidental injury occurring in class or while participating in a college sponsored event. This is a secondary insurance and a deductible applies. It is the student's responsibility to file a claim. All students are encouraged to carry their own health insurance.

+-Where is the morning after pill available?

The morning after or emergency contraception or "plan B" is available for sale at most drug stores if you ask for it. We also stock it in health services and is available at cost or free if you qualify for Family Pact. It is important to take emergency contraception as soon as possible if you have an unprotected act. We recommend you see us to prevent that problem in the future!

+-Are AA meetings available on campus?

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are not currently held on campus. Please call Student Health & Psychological Services if you are interested in becoming a facilitator.

+-What are symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI) and yeast infection?

Signs and symptoms of a UTI include: frequency and urgency of urination; pain in lower back, abdomen, or side; burning during urination; blood in urine.

Signs and symptoms of a yeast infection include: thick, white, or yellowish odorless discharge with curd-like consistency; intense itch, swelling, and inflammation of genitals; burning during urination; painful intercourse.

If you think you might have either, stop by Student Health and Psychological Services for a nurse consultation and testing. We can probably get you earlier treatment than you can get elsewhere.

+-Can I waive the Health Services Fee?

Yes, but only in select circumstances. To request to waive your Health Services Fee, you must complete the following application and turn it in with required documentation to Student Health & Psychological Services, located in the Bradshaw Building (below the Bookstore).