How to Get Involved


Everyone is an advocate!
Here’s how you can start where you are now:

Check out this list of 84 positive coping skills to use in your everyday life!

Start a conversation about mental health with your friends or a counselor.

Check out Each Mind Matters - the premiere California Mental Health Movement

Listen to and be sensitive to friends who need to talk seriously about mental health issues. Here is a general "guide" provided by our neighboring community on how to approach friends. Feel free to browse this very helpful website.​​

Complete a FREE online mental health screening​​

Promote the student voice on the issue of mental health and related stigmas

Attend free events, activities and mental health fairs with  giveaways for students interested in learning the importance of maintaining good mental “health”​
Watch your RCC emails for upcoming events, contests, training, mental health fairs, in-class presentations, and mental health workshops and then COME and PARTICIPATE!

Contact Student Health & Psychological Services at 951-222-8151 or stop in to find out other ways you can get involved!

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