Foster Support Services

Welcome to Foster Support Services!

Riverside City College is committed to help support the needs of foster families in our community.  Located here you will find special programs that are dedicated to serving and supporting the unique needs of Foster Youth and Foster Parents both on campus and throughout Riverside County.

Foster & Kinship Care Education Program (FKCE): Provides educational trainings to licensed foster parents, kinship caregivers, other interested individuals, & professionals in Riverside County.

Guardian Scholars Program (GS): Our foster youth support services program is designed to assist current and former foster youth at RCC.  GS can help provide the resources and other support needed to help these students navigate through RCC successfully.

College Connection Project: This program is a collaborative effort between RCC and Riverside County Office of Education - Foster Youth Services. It is intended to provide individualized educational and transitional support services to foster, and at risk youth who attend RCOE's community schools, detention facilities and foster group homes throughout Riverside County.  

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