​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Note: EOPS offers services ONLY during the Fall and Spring semesters (not Summer or Winter sessions).  Also, EOPS counselors are NOT available during the Summer and Winter sessions.
Q: What am I to Expect After Applying for EOPS Services?
A: You will receive a notice of eligibility within 7-10 (working) days via mail. If accepted; you MUST attend an ORIENTATION, dates will be sent with the eligibility letter.

Q: Can EOPS pay for my books?
A: No, but if you are eligible for the EOPS program, you may receive the supplemental book voucher which will help you purchase some books.  EOPS book voucher are not guaranteed, are disbursed on a first-come first-serve basis and are dependent on funding.

Q: How much is the book service amount?
A: Book voucher funds vary from semester to semester (depends on availability of funds).  Usually, book voucher ranges between $50 and $250.

Q: Will EOPS reimburse me if I purchased my books before I receive a book voucher?
A: No.  EOPS does NOT give refunds nor “buy backs” for books purchased through the book store. 

Q: Does EOPS pay for general bus passes or parking permits?
A: No

Q: What if I can’t take 12 units?
A: One of the EOPS requirements is that students enroll in full-time RCC units (12 or more.  DSPS students must submit a DSPS Verification form and enroll in the designated set units to receive a book voucher.
Q: What are some suggestions to Adding Classes? (Prior to or immediately after term start date; when classes are FULL or CLOSED)
A: Register during Priority Registration Date.
B:  Send message to instruction stating “I would like to add your class.” and give a short valid explanation or reason why adding class late via all of Instructor’s contact:
                   (1) Office Location                           (3) Email and
                   (2) Mail-box Location                       (4) Telephone #
Q: How do I contact the EOPS office?
A: Contact the EOPS office by visiting the Charles A. Kane building on the second floor, by phone by calling 951-222-8045 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 8am – 5pm and on Tuesdays from 8am – 6pm or email us at EOPS@rcc.edu.



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