New students should complete the following prior to receiving services from the DRC:

Steps to be completed at the Disability Resource Center:
  • Schedule an intake appointment with a DRC Specialist.                                                                             Visit or call the DRC at (951) 222-8060 to schedule an intake appointment.
    • This will provide various information about the department and will require completion of paperwork. 
    • Disability verification will be required. Qualifying items include:
    • Department of Rehabilitation Clients should also bring a copy of thier Individual Plan of Employment and a referral form from their counselor. 
  • Schedule an appointment with a DRC Counselor.                                                                                Visit or call the DRC at (951) 222-8060 to schedule.
    • The counseling appointment involves discussing educational accommodations and educational goals.
  • Activate your RCC student email account
    • RCC email​ gives you access to important messages from the Disability Resource Center, Student Financial Services, and Admissions and Records.



























   CAK 130,
   First Floor of the 
   Charles A. Kane Building. 

   Mon.-Fri.: 8:00am-5:00pm
   *Tues.: 8:00am-6:00pm
   Sat. & Sun.: Closed

   Contact Us:
   Phone: 951-222-8060
   VP: 951-801-5675 
   Fax: 951-222-8059