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Contact Information: As we transition into an online education platform, I want to ensure you will continue to receive support from your DRC Team.

If you need a copy of your Letter to Instructor outlining your accommodations, please let a member of the DRC Team know and we will get that sent. You will need to provide the course title and section number, and name of the instructor teaching the course.

The main email and phone number are: drc@rcc.edu and (951) 222-8060. This number and email reach several members of the DRC Team.

To reach individual team members, please use the following link: 


Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need anything to minimize any potential barriers that may hinder your accessing your courses online.

Pamela J. Starr
Pamela J. Starr, Ph.D.
Director, Disability Resource Center

California College Student Grant: To support California college students through these unprecedented times, Mission Asset Fund has established the CA College Student Support Fund. Eligible students will receive a $500 grant to help manage their financial needs – whether that's class materials, rent, or personal expenses. Link:



Guidance 47 Class Available in Fall: Enroll in this late start eight week course and earn three units.This course provides priority registration to Department of Rehabilitation and Disability Resource Center Students. Face-to-face meetings held each Tuesday and Thursday from 2:20-5:30pm April 21 through June 11. Use Class Section Number 40863 to register.

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  Hello and Welcome to Riverside City College!  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
RCC has a long and rich tradition in removing barriers and providing access for students with disabilities. In 1961, RCC became the first public post-secondary institution in the country to begin a program of support services specifically for students with disabilities. Our commitment to students with disabilities continues today.

We hope the information provided on this website will answer your questions regarding eligibility requirements, support services available, and procedures to access those services. 

If you have questions not answered on these pages please email us, give us a call, or better yet - drop by our office, meet the staff, and take a tour!

We wish you the best as you pursue your educational and professional goals.


The DRC Staff

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​ ​Getting Started​​​
Transitioning to College​
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​DRC Priority Registration
DRC Priority Registration Dates
​​​DRC students who have completed their college orientation, counseling, and are in good academic standing are eligiable for priority registration as a service
In addition to meeting the above criteria, please note the following:  

1. Please be sure you have met with a counselor in the last year prior to contacting the DRC office to be cleared for Priority Registration. 

2. You will NOT be able to use Priority Registration if you have been placed on Academic or Progress Probation for 2+ consecutive semester. 

3. You will NOT be able to use Priority Registration if you exceed 100 units (unless you are in an approved high-unit major). 

4. You will ONLY be able to use Priority Registration during the first week of the dates listed (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays or college closures).

*If you do not meet these guidelines OR if you miss registration during the above dates, you must wait until your assigned WebAdvisor date to register for classes. 

Students who have been approved for priority registration as an accommodation are exempt from certain criteria listed above, but please note the following: ​
1. Please contact the DRC office in advance to be cleared for Priority Registration.
2. You will be able register for classes beginning on the date listed. 
Summer 2019
May 6-10
​Fall 2019
May 6-10
Winter 2020
November 4-8
​Spring 2020
November 4-8​


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