Test Accommodation Procedures

  1. Student delivers "DRC Letter to Faculty", advising instructor that he/she qualifies for test accommodation services at the beginning of each semester or as soon as the counselor has approved test accommodation.
  2. Prior to each test, student confirms with the instructor, the date and time for the test. One Test Accommodation Request form is required for each test.
  3. Student, NOT the instructor, must complete a Test Accommodation Request form in the DRC office. The form with student information and DRC approval must be submitted to the instructor a minimum of 5 days prior to a scheduled test, in order to allow DRC sufficient time to arrange accommodations (alternate format, scribe, reader, etc).
  4. Instructor will complete the “Instructor Section” of Test Accommodation Request form.
  5. Instructor will submit the test along with completed Test Accommodation Request form to DRC a minimum of 24 hours prior to testing time.
    Delivery of Instructions and test:
              A. E-mail (preferred), or
              B. Fax 222-8059,or
              C. DRC mail box, or
              D. Hand carry to DRC office CAK 130
  6. For unscheduled tests (pop quiz, etc.) the instructor must contact DRC to make arrangements.
  7. Test will be returned as specified by instructor on the Test Accommodation Request form.
  8. Any changes in test date and time prior to scheduled test administration must be agreed upon by student, instructor and DRC and documented in the “NOTES” section of the form.
  9. Any test not taken on the scheduled test day will be returned to the instructor. The process for scheduling the test will need to be repeated.

Testing Rules

  1. Student must have the appropriate documentation of disability on file with DRC office.
  2. The current semester’s accommodation request must be on file.
  3. Student communicates with instructor and confirms date and time for test. Student must take the test at the same time as the class unless extended time causes scheduling conflicts (back to back classes or the class meets beyond DRC office hours, weekend classes).
  4. If the student does not take the test as scheduled and does not make new arrangements agreed upon by instructor & DRC, the test will be returned to the instructor.
  5. It is the student’s responsibility to bring the proper testing materials on the day of the test. Testing materials only, will be allowed in the testing area. No cell phones, MP3 players, food, drinks (other than water) will be permitted. Purses, backpacks, and baggage are to be in full view of the proctor and may not be opened without proctor’s permission.
  6. Student taking tests are expected to follow any special instructions provided by the instructor.
  7. DRC staff will assign seating to student at the time of the test.
  8. If the student is late for the test, the student will only be entitled to the remainder of the scheduled time.
  9. Once the test has begun, the student may not leave the testing area unless for urgent disability-related reasons. Any disability related breaks must be arranged in advance on the Accommodation Request form so that test can be administered in sections. Instructor will be notified of any unscheduled breaks.
  10. The student must understand and agree to the student code of conduct. Any cheating will be immediately reported to the instructor, DRC counselor and the Director of DRC.
  11. Student will be aware the testing area uses closed circuit television and audio monitoring.
  12. Student will be conscientious of other students testing and remain quiet when entering/leaving the testing area.