DSP&S Letter to Instructor

Depending on the disability, a student may qualify for the recording of class lectures. Below is the text of the DSP&S Recording Agreement.
To: {Instructor Name}:
From: Disabled Student Programs & Services
Regarding: {Student name}, {Student ID No}
The above student is receiving support services through Disabled Student Programs & Services at Riverside City College for the _________ semester 20_____, and is currently enrolled in the following class(s): {list classes}
Class meets: {list days and times class meets}

In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the above student has documentation with DSP&S that verifies a disability requiring classroom or testing accommodations in order to ensure equal opportunity for access to the curriculum and to demonstrate content mastery in your class. The accommodation/s checked below may be provided to assist them in your class.
Test Accommodation: The student may need to use alternative testing accommodations if the disability interferes with the ability to finish exams under normal time constraints. This may include extended time, distraction reduced environment, exam reader, scribe for written exams, and/or alternate format i.e. Braille, enlarged print, E-text, or screen reader. A Test Accommodation Form will be sent to you each time special test taking assistance is needed.
Tape Record Lectures: Because of difficulty in processing information due to a specific disability. A Tape Recording Agreement form will be signed by the student and a copy will be given to you defining procedures for tape recording lectures, etc.
A Student to Take Classroom Notes: The student may request your assistance in finding a volunteer note taker in this class.
Adaptive Technology: The student may need to use adaptive technology (screen-reader, talking calculator)
Special Seating: The student may need to sit up front to have better access to visual presentations, hear lectures and/or see their interpreter more clearly. The student may need to use an adaptive table to accommodate the use of a wheelchair.
Enlarged Print for Handouts, Tests, etc: The Communications Department can assist you in enlarging materials. If further assistance is needed, please contact DSP&S ext. 8060.
Interpreters for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing to facilitate communication between you and the Student.
Other: {List other accommodations}

I hereby give Disabled Student Programs & Services permission to share this information with the instructor named above.
Student Signature & Date: _________________________________
I verify that the above student is receiving support services from Disabled Student Programs & Services
DSP&S Staff, Title, Phone Ext. and Date: _________________________________