Riverside City College has eight Instructional Pathways. An Instructional Pathway is a cluster of Programs of Study with related courses. These Instructional Pathways are designed to build ​communities of learning just for you.

Riverside City College faculty and counselors have collaborated to clarify instructional pathways for students by creating program maps that describe an ideal course taking pattern and co-curricular milestones for timely degree and certificate completion. Links to the program maps can be found below.

Faculty and counselors have created Trailheads for students who are still exploring and working towards narrowing their major or career, while still remaining on track to completion of their educational goal.  Trailheads offer an exploratory first 15 to 17 units of recommended study.  There is only one trailhead for each instructional pathway.  Links to the trailheads can be found below. 

Program maps and Trailheads can be used for initial guidance on course taking, but students are strongly encouraged to meet with a Riverside City College counselor to review their options for transfer and to develop an educational plan that best meets their goals and needs.

*Please note program maps will be added as they are approved.   ​


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