Health-Related Sciences​

Interested in promoting health and wellness in your community?

​The Health-Related Sciences Instructional Pathway is designed for students who are interested in careers to promote the health and wellness of individuals and communities such as kinesiology, nursing, nutrition and dietetics, or public health.
If you are interested in a pre-medical pathway, please see STEM.

Health-Related Sciences Trailhead

Trailhead-Coursework for your 1st Term

Health-Related Sciences Program Maps
Exercise, Sport & Wellness-Athletic Training
Exercise, Sport & Wellness-Coaching
Exercise, Sport & Wellness-Fitness Professions
Kinesiology, Health & Wellness

Kinesiology ADT

Nursing-Critical Care Nurse
Nursing-Nursing Assistant

Nursing- Vocational Nursing
Nursing-Registered Nursing

Nutrition and Dietetics ADT

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