Business & Information Systems
Interested in planning, developing, communicating and/or operating systems within an organization? 


Business & Information Systems Trailhead

Trailhead- Coursework for your first term

Business Information Systems Program Maps

If you have decided on your major, select your program below:
(Majors that are not linked to a program map, please see a counselor.)

Administration & Information Systems
Administrative Office Professional
Bank Operations
Bus Admin- Small Business Accounting
Bus Admin- Small Business Payroll Accounting
Bus Admin- Accounting Concentration
Bus Admin- General Business Concentration
Bus Admin- Management Concentration
Bus Admin- Marketing Concentration
Bus Admin- Operations and Production Management
Bus Admin- Real Estate Concentration
Business Adminis​tration ADT 
Bus Admin- Human Resources
Business Information Worker
C++ Programming
Cat-Legal Administrative Professional
CIS E-Commerce
CIS Systems Development
CIS Web Master - Web Design Concentration
CIS Web Master - Web Development 
CIS C++ Programming
Cisco Networking
CIS Computer Applications
CIS Computer Programming
CIS Java Programming
CIS Relational Database Managment Technology
Computer Application & Office Technology - Virtual ​Assistant

Computer Science ADT
Executive Office Management
Executive Office Professional
Information Security and Cyber Defense
International Business
Java Programming
Office Assistant

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