STEM en familia at RCC

RCC has been awarded a National Science Foundation Grant from the Hispanic Serving Institution Program to support STEM students as they transition from high school to college called STEM en familia: Guiding Critical Transitions to the Baccalaureate.  This is a 3-year grant that will fund interventions to improve success of students majoring in STEM as they progress through college.

We have designed supports to help you transition from high school to RCC and then from RCC to a four-year university.  Each support is intended to help you succeed in college and in STEM courses, in particular.  STEM programs are very challenging, and RCC is ready to help you.  STEM majors include (but are not limited to): Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Math, Physics and Psychology.​​

High School to Two-Year College Transition

Intervention: Orientation and Summer Bridge Course(s)

You will be provided with a special orientation to RCC with information to help you be successful right away.  Your family will be an important part of your education, so we will be including them in the orientation, too!  Along with this orientation, you will be assigned to your peer-mentor that will stay with you for your first year at RCC, helping you successfully adjust to college life.  Additionally, you will take a summer course within your intended major to get you started toward transfer right away. 


Intervention: Home Courses

You will be enrolled in a Home Course during your first year at RCC.  These are courses within your major that have been redesigned especially for you.  Each home course will have a full-suite of integrated academic supports to help you succeed.  The faculty teaching them will be communicating with you about the other opportunities offered to you through this grant and the class will be filled with other STEM en familia students.  We are creating an academic family for you!


Intervention: Workshops

You will attend 3 workshops per semester (one per month) while at RCC.  Each workshop has been designed to help you be successful and to help you take the next step in your education.  Topics will include STEM student survival skills, pathways and registering for classes, meeting faculty that were first generation college students, meeting former students who now work in STEM fields, touring transfer institutions, and preparing for summer research experiences!


Two-Year to Four-Year College Transition

Intervention: Summer Research Experience

You will participate in brief summer research experiences after your first and second years at RCC.  These summer research experiences will be in STEM areas and at either RCC, UCR, or CSUSB (our partners on this grant).  Those students who attend 2 of 3 workshops each semester in a year will get priority in deciding which research experience they complete.


Intervention: Near-peer mentors

During your summer research experience, you will be assigned to a near-peer mentor at UCR or CSUSB (if you are doing your summer research there).  These will be former RCC students who have transferred and are majoring in STEM.  They will stay with you during your cross-enrollment course.


Intervention: Cross-enrollment facilitation

In your second year while still at RCC, you will take a course at UCR or CSUSB (depending on where you plan to transfer).  STEM en familia will facilitate the registration into those courses for you.  This will allow you to become comfortable with your new campus before you transfer. 



To be eligible to participate in STEM en familia, you must be a new Promise student in good standing who has opted-into the program.  For Promise program eligibility, see


To opt-in, click here and submit the opt-in form.  It will take you about 1 minute to opt-in.  If you are under 18, you must have permission of a parent/guardian to participate.  If you are under 18, please contact Dr. Virginia White ( for an opt-in form.