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                                                 RCC Promise Program

Riverside City College (RCC) Promise Program joins the national and statewide effort to provide affordable community college education by supporting full-time students in their goals to graduate and be transfer ready in a timely manner. The Promise provides access to a high quality education tailored especially for the  transfer-minded students.

​​The RCC Promise program is no longer accepting applicants for Fall 2019. Promise will begin accepting 2020 high school graduates in the Spring semester. Please continue to check our website for updates.​

Eligibility Requirements for Fall 2019

2019 High School Graduate from a local RCCD high school

Complete your 2019-2020 FAFSA or Dream Act application

California Resident or eligible by your AB 540/Dream Act status

 Complete the RCC Admissions application

List RCC as your home campus

Complete the Online Orientation (if this is your first time applying to RCC, you will need to wait 1 to 2 business days to receive your official welcome email with your MyPortal login information)

View your suggestion first-term courses on MyPortal

​Next Steps for RCC Promise
Check your RCC student email account for your official RCC Promise Program Information Session invitation and sign up (If you do not receive an information session invitation from Promise in March 2019 please contact the RCC Admissions office to determine your eligibility)

 Receive a confirmation email with parking permit to your RCC student email account. (Seats for Promise first come first serve until filled)​

Attend the RCC Promise Information session, commit to attending college full time (12 units each fall and spring semester and complete of 30 units each year), and be determined to finishing your associates degree and/or transfer to a 4-year university in 2 years

Important note: Parents are welcome to attend the Promise Program information session with their student.


Promise Benefits
  • Free Tuition and Fees
  • A voucher for up to $250 in book support per semester (Fall and Spring) 
  • Priority registration for up to 15 units per semester (Fall and Spring)
  • Counselors to assist your educational path
  • Access to Educational Advisors who are dedicated to your success 
  • Faculty Advising 
  • Peer Mentors to support with the transition from high school to college 
  • Access to Academic Support services


How to Apply
To be considered for the RCC Promise Program students must meet all eligibility requirements. Students who meet this criteria will receive an official RCC Promise Program Information Session invitation via their RCC student email account starting March 2019.  

Students must attend a program information session to be considered for the program. Seats are first come first serve until filled.        ​

 If you do not receive a Promise information session invitation via your RCC student email account in March 2019 please visit the RCC Admission Department in the Charles A. Kane Building to determine your eligibility  for Promise.

Contact us


Promise Eligibility: Visit the RCC Admission office in the Charles A. Kane Building for more information on your eligibility for Promise.


Already signed up for a Promise Information Session: If you have questions please email us at The.Promise@rcc.edu or visit a Promise Educational Advisor at the following locations:


Career and Technical Education Center: Technology “A” Bld. Rm. 100


Language, Humanities and Social Sciences: Digital Library Bld. Rm. 106


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Sciences: Martin Luther King Bld. Rm. 222


Fine and Performing Arts: Martin Luther King Bld. Rm. 222

 ​​Student Success Peer Mentor Program 

The Promise Program is seeking student success peer mentors. As part of our team, you will assist in the goals of the program: 

  • Introduce participants to college services & resources 
  • Increase the persistence rate of its participants 
  • Reduce the time to graduate
  • Promote transfer to four-year colleges
The Peer Mentor application will be available early Spring 2019. Please check back. 

If you are interested in becoming part of the team, please check back in early Spring 2019 to apply