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                                                 RCC Promise Program

Riverside City College (RCC) Promise Program joins the national and statewide effort to provide affordable community college education by supporting full-time students in their goals to graduate and be transfer ready in a timely manner. The Promise provides access to a high quality education tailored especially for the  transfer-minded students.

​​The RCC Promise program is no longer accepting applicants for Fall 2019. Promise will begin accepting 2020 high school graduates in the Spring semester. 

Promise​ Benefits
  • Free Tuition and Fees
  • $250 in book credit per semester (Fall and Spring) 
  • Priority registration for up to 15 units per semester (Fall and Spring)
  • Access to Educational Advisors who are dedicated to your success
  • Peer Mentors to support with the transition from high school to college
  • Counselors to assist your educational path
  • Faculty Advising 
  • Access to Academic Support services
  • Faculty Advising


How to become eligible?

Check the Promise Program Eligibility List:

Promise Eligibility Checklist


Need to Know More?  Promise Information Sessions

Attend a Promise Program Information Session, offered throughout the month.  

Reserve your seat in an upcoming Promise Information Session HERE 

Contact us
If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at The.Promise@rcc.edu