Who Needs Assessment Tests?

The following are required to participate in the assessment and ​orientation process:  Almost all first-time college students, some returning students, some transferring students, and high school students who want to attend college while still in high school.
Please use the following to help understand whether or not you are required to take the assessment test:
  • First-time college students (You have never been to college before)
  • Returning Students (coming back to the RCCD after an absence of one or more full term(s.)
  • Transferring Students (coming to the RCCD after completing classes at another college.)
  • High School Concurrent Admissions Students (You are hoping to enroll in RCCD classes while still in high school)
  • Former High School Concurrent Admissions Students (You took classes as a high school student, or at least completed the Concurrent Admissions test)

First-Time College Students

Is this your first time ever in college? Then ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you plan to take 6 or more units?
  • Are you uncertain of your Educational Goal and your Program of Study (Major)?
  • Are you pursuing an AA/AS degree?
  • Are you pursuing a Certificate?
  • Do you plan to transfer to a 4-year college after RCC?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you are required to participate in the full OAC (Orientation, Assessment, and Counseling) process.  First you view your orientation in your Web Advisor account.  Then (within one RCC working day) you will be clear to book your appointment for the assessment test.  Within 1-2 days after completing the assessment test you are clear to compete your 1st-semester Student Educational Plan.

Returning Students

If you are returning to college after a period of absence, you may still have to re-assess in English or Math.

  • If you took an Assessment Test prior to July 1, 2001, that test is no longer valid.
  • If you have already taken an English or Math class with a satisfactory grade of 'C' or better, then you need not retake the test in that area. 
  • If you did not take an English or Math class then you are free to enroll in any class that does not have an English or Math prerequisite.
  • If you want to take a class with an English or Math prerequisite and you do not have any English or Math classes on your record, you must take the Assessment Test. 

Transferring Students

Some students transferring from another college will be required to test depending on various factors.
  • If you are pursuing a degree or certificate at a Riverside Community College District campus, and if you have not taken any Math or English classes at your previous college, you will be required to take the Assessment Test.
  • If you have English or Math course work from another college, these can be evaluated to establish whether they fulfill prerequisites to future coursework.  Please see "Future Students" (near top of page) for more information. 

High School Concurrent Admissions Students

High School Concurrent Admissions only need to assess if they wish to take a class with a prerequisite in English or Math.  You can view our Testing Schedule to see when tests are bing offered and book yourself an appoinment online.

Former High School Concurrent Admissions Students

Please note that you need to apply to RCC as a 1st-time college student and not a returning or continuing student.

As a first-time college student you will need to complete all first-time college student steps.  This includes the general English, Math, and Reading assessment test.  If you completed any part of the test as a Concurrent Admissions student then you are not required to re-assess in that part.  .