Here you will find the answers to the questions most frequently asked about assessment testing.


+-Do I need an appointment for the test?

Yes. All testing is done on an appointment only basis. Check "Dates and Hours" for availability and details for the Assessment Center for your Home College

+-How do I make an appointment?

  • To take a test you have never taken at RCC before, you schedule yourself an appointment by visiting the Assessment Appointments Web page.
  • For any kind of approved re-testing or for one of the special Reading Competency tests (only for some students almost ready to graduate), please visit the Assessment Center during office hours. Office hours vary throughout the year, so consult the calendar to see when we're open.
  • Appointments for the Chemistry Diagnostic test are made in person at the Assessment Center for your Home College.

+-What do I need to bring with me to the test?

Please bring your appointment confirmation. If you lose your confirmation we will still attempt to serve you, but we cannot guarantee you will be able to test.
  • If you made your own appointment online, you should print out the receipt page. That page has lots of important information.
  • If you made your appointment in the Assessment Center, you will be given an orange appointment confirmation card.
  • If you made your appointment in the Counseling Office, you will get a receipt showing the date, time and room where the test is taking place.
You must present photo identification to take any test. Testing regulations FORBID us from making exceptions. These are the only acceptable forms of photo ID we are permitted to accept:
  • Driver's license
  • High School ID card
  • College ID card
  • Other state or Federal issued ID card
  • Passport
  • Tribal ID card
  • Permanent Resident card (Green card)

If you do not have one of these types of photo identification, you need to make arrangements to get one prior to your test date.

Types of Photo ID we are not allowed to accept include:

  • Check cashing cards
  • Credit cards
  • Print out from a school student records program
  • Yearbooks

Please make sure you have proper photo ID prior to your test date.

+-What should I *NOT* bring with me to the test?

  • Cell phones and pagers. If you bring a cell phone or pager, please turn it off or set it to silent mode.
  • Any sort of portable music players
  • Calculators
  • Dictionaries
  • Food or drink.
  • Friends or family. Children are not permitted to sit with you while you take the test and we have no drop-in child care available. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED CHILDREN SOMEWHERE ON CAMPUS WHILE YOU ARE TESTING. If a friend or family member gave you a ride, they must wait for you someplace other than the Assessment Center - the Cafeteria and Library are good waiting places.

+-How should I prepare for the test?

Most importantly, make sure you are rested, feel healthy and are not hungry. For more preparedness tips please visit our Preparing for the Test page.

+-Do I have to take the test?

Almost all 1st-time college students, some students coming to the RCCD from another college and some continuing and returning students are required to take the test. You may check the "Who Needs To Be Assessed" page to see if you fit into any of the categories listed. If you are still unsure, please consult a counselor.

+-Can I use a calculator or dictionary on the test?

No study/computation aids are permitted. The only exception is the Chemistry Diagnostic test: Calculators are allowed on that test.

+-How long is the test?

We have different tests with different time spans.

  • The most common test we give is the General Assessment Test, which takes from 1 1/2 - 2 hours to complete. This test itself is not timed, but the test sessions do have time limits that range from 1 1/2 to 3 hours. If you are not finished by the time the test session is over, you will be given a pass to return and resume your test on another date.
  • Our tests taken on paper and pencil tests each have their own time limits. Check the "Assessment Tests" links on the right side of the page to see details for each.

+-When do I get my placements?

Except in cases of technical difficulty, you get a printed copy of your placements within a few minutes after completing the test.

+-What happens if I fail the test?

  • The assessment tests for General Assessment, ESL and Spanish are used to establish your starting points in English, English as a Second Language, Mathematics, Reading, and/or Spanish classes. There is no way to fail these tests. There is no minimum placement or score required to enter RCC.
  • All our other tests are pass/no pass tests. You will be given verbal and written advisement if you do not pass one of those.

+-What happens if I can't finish the test?

It depends on what test you are taking.

If you are taking the General assessment and you need to leave before finishing (because the time for the test session has expired or you have a personal need to leave)...

  • You will be given a pass to return and resume your test on another date.
  • Make sure you return during general Assessment Testing hours, at least thirty minutes before the end of the test session.
  • In most cases you have up to ten days to return and finish your test.
  • If you do not return within the ten days, your test may close automatically and the placements you earn from the work completed may go onto your student record.
Our tests taken with paper and pencil are strictly timed. You should try to finish as many of the questions as you can. If the time is up before you are finished...
  • You must stop work immediately
  • If you continue to mark answers after the time is up - even if you are just guessing - then we are not permitted to score your test. You will need to wait the minimum re-testing time (one year) before attempting a re-test.

+-Can I take the assessment test more than once?

Assessment of entry-level English, math and reading skills is a process and can involve more than just testing. In accordance with Matriculation regulations [Title V, Section 55521(a)(2)], student assessment should only happen once and should be used for initial placement into courses. Once a student has completed initial assessment, that student should progresses through the curriculum.

However, the Riverside Community College District has the following re-assessment policy:
Students may appeal to retest under one or more conditions:

  • After 12 months has passed from previous test date without starting course progression
  • Based on compelling evidence that the initial placement level is not an accurate reflection of the student's ability
  • After proof of appropriate academic intervention has occurred
  • After successfully completing an RCCD Math or English sequence course with at least a "C" or "P" grade

All except the very first one involve the student submitting a Matriculation Appeal (with evidence attached) at the Counseling office front counter. Only one retake is allowed every 5 years.

+-I just finished the Assessment Test. I have the placement print-out in my hand. Now what do I do?

What you need to do next depends mostly on your admissions status. At the completion of your test you will receive a flyer listing what your next step is.

+-Is the assessment test I took at Riverside City College good for classes at the Moreno Valley and Norco colleges?

Yes. All tests taken at any Assessment Center in the Riverside Community College District (and some satellite rooms/locations) are good for all colleges in our district. This also means the retest policy covers all RCCD colleges.

+-Where is the Assessment Center?

We are room 115 in the new Charles A Kane (CAK) building on the corner of Magnolia and Ramona.

+-I have test results from another college. Can I use these at RCC?

Please read these directions CAREFULLY, as they are designed to inform you and prevent your time from being wasted.

If you took the Accuplacer Online assessment test at another college, you can submit it for evaluation with the following conditions:

  • The test must be the same we use (called "Accuplacer Online.")
  • The test must have been taken on or after 07/02/2001.
  • The test cannot have been taken within one year of testing at RCC.
  • You need to bring us the test results sheet from the Accuplacer program
  • NOTE: We cannot use a print out from a student records program or a student web interface. If your other college does not or cannot give you the actual print out from the Accuplacer program, then we will not be able to use their test.

  • The print out must have your test raw scores, not scores changed by any kinds multiple measures.
To submit the scores for evaluation:
  1. Bring photo identification and the results sheet to the Assessment Center during office hours.
    • Don't know where we are? Check out the campus map. We are room 115 of the new Charles A Kane building, currently marked as "Construction Zone" on that map..
    • Office hours vary throughout the year, so consult the calendar to see when we're open.
    • We're sorry, but we cannot accept documents simply faxed or mailed to the Assessment Center. This process must be done in person.
  2. Tell us you want to use Accuplacer scores from another college for placements at RCC.
  3. We will review your Riverside Community College District testing record and your test results sheet and advise you if anything is out of order.
  4. You will complete a form called the "Matriculation Appeal for Outside Placement Evaluation" The form must be completed in person by you at the same time you submit the test results.
  5. We will use your test scores, along with multiple measures data you provide on the form, to generate placements based on scoring criteria decided by RCCD faculty.

    Within 1-5 business days you will receive an e-mail (to your RCCD e-mail address) telling you the scores have processed, that they are on your student record, and that you can view them in Web advisor. You will also receive instructions on what next steps you may need to do to become an RCCD student.

+-How can I get another copy of my RCC test results sheet?

You can get a test reprint in two ways:

  • Come to the Assessment Center during office hours and present photo ID.
  • Fax or mail us a written request.

To fax or mail a request:

  1. From your RCCD student Email address please include the following.
  2. Include your full name and RCCD ID number.
  3. If you don't know your RCCD ID number, please include your Date of birth.
  4. Include the phrase, "I am requesting my placements and scores give RCCD permission to release them"
  5. Indicate whether you need them for RCC college or a college outside our the Riverside Community College District.
  6. Please Include the outside college name, email, phone and fax number you would your test results to be sent.

Our fax number is (951)222-8074

Our address is
Riverside City College Assessment Center
4800 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA, 92506