Registration Information

MyPortal Registration Tutorial Video

Class Schedules

Schedules are available on MyPortal and as a PDF file on the Class Schedules page.

Registration Appointment Dates

Eligible students can check their registration date by logging into MyPortal and clicking the Check My Registration Date/Holds link from the Registration drop-down menu. The dates when we begin posting registration dates for each term can be found on the Important Dates and Deadlines page. Eligible students can begin registering fo​r classes after this assigned date and time as long as there are no holds on their account. Refer to the Order of Registration to learn more about how registration dates are assigned.

Students may appeal their registration appointment date due to extenuating circumstances, such as the need to complete final degree/transfer requirements during the intended term. Registration appeals may only be approved once and subsequent appeals will not be considered. Please contact the Admissions & Records office for further information.

Units for Full-Time/Part-Time Status

For full-time status, a student must be enrolled in at least 12 units of credit for the fall/spring sessions and 6 units of credit for the winter/summer sessions. Students enrolled in less than 12 units for fall/spring terms or less than 6 units for winter/summer are considered to be part-time. Specialized programs may have a different unit requirement for full-time status.

Registration Unit Limit

The maximum amount of units in which students can register is based on their academic standing.

Good Academic Standing
18 units
9 units
Academic Probation
13 units
7 units
Academic Dismissal
13 units
5 units

Students who wish to enroll in more than the maximum number of units must contact the Counseling Department. Students who are part of the high school dual enrollment program should refer to the High School Dual Enrollment page for their unit limit.

Registering for Classes

Students register for classes through MyPortal after their registration date as long there are no holds on their account. Prior to registering for any Distance Education online class, students must complete an Online Skills workshop. The link to the Online Skills workshop is located under the Other Services drop-down menu.

Walk-in registration is available at the Admissions & Records office for students with special registration requirements who cannot register through MyPortal or students who need additional help. Students will be required to provide a valid photo ID.

Students who need in-person assistance with registration are encouraged to visit our friendly staff in the Welcome Center.

Students are strongly encouraged to print and save the results of all MyPortal transactions for their records.


For more information, please visit the EduNav Information Page.


Please refer to the Waitlist Information page.

Adding Classes

Once a class has started, a student will need the instructor's permission to add a class. Students may add classes through MyPortal using the authorization code obtained from the instructor. Authorization codes are active from the first day of the class until the add deadline. All course adds must be completed by the published add deadline.

Dropping Classes

Students may withdraw from courses prior to the drop deadlines using MyPortal. If there is a hold restricting the use of the registration feature of MyPortal, students may drop the class in person at the Admissions & Records office. Students can find the deadlines to add, drop, and receive a refund by reviewing their class schedule. If a student no longer wants to attend a class, it is the student's responsibility to drop the class.

Priority Registration

Priority registration takes place the week before registration begins. Students who are eligible for priority registration but do not register for classes during the week of priority registration must wait until their assigned registration date to begin registering for classes. Specific unit limits are in place during priority registration. Students eligible for priority registration should contact their program for registration information.

Order of Registration

Registration dates are assigned based on the Order of Registration as mandated by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office per the recommendations of the California Student Success Initiative (RCCD AP 5056). Student groups are defined as follows:

  • New/First-Time College Students: Individuals who have never attended college who will be required to complete orientation, assessment, and counseling (OAC) before they will be allowed to register for classes.
  • Continuing Students: Students who were enrolled in an RCCD course after the first two weeks or 20% of the course during the previous term.
  • Returning Students: Students who previously attended any college within the Riverside Community College District but missed a fall or spring semester and must resubmit an admission application to resume taking classes.
  • Transfer Students: Prospective students who have attended a college outside the Riverside Community College District and have never enrolled in RCCD classes.

Based on this criteria, students who are NOT ON DISMISSAL will be allowed to register in the following order:

  1. Continuing students who have completed* between 24-100 units**
  2. Continuing Middle/Early College High School students who have completed* between 24-100 units**
  3. Returning students with 24-100 completed* units** who have reapplied before set deadline
  4. Returning Middle/Early College High School students who have completed* between 24-100 units**
  5. New students who have completed OAC before the set deadline
  6. Continuing students with less than 24 completed* units
  7. Continuing Middle/Early College High School students with less than 24 completed* units
  8. Returning students with less than 24 completed* units who have applied before set deadline
  9. New students who have not completed OAC and transfer students who have applied after set deadline
  10. New Middle/Early College High School students
  11. Returning students who have applied after the set deadline
  12. Continuing students who have completed* more than 100 units
  13. All students on dismissal who have completed all dismissal requirements

*Units completed is defined as classes completed within RCCD with grades of A, B, C, D, P or CR
**Excludes basic skills classes