Two-Term Registration FAQ

Starting Tuesday, November 13, students at the Riverside Community College District will be able to enroll for both winter and spring at the same time. Below you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the change.

  1. When will the schedule be available for both winter and spring terms?

    Schedule of classes for both terms is available on the RCC website or on WebAdvisor/MyPortal. Please visit the Class Schedule page.

  2. When will I receive my registration date to register for both terms?

    Registration dates are available now for both winter and spring terms. For future terms, you can check to see when registration dates are assigned here: Important Dates and Deadlines. Please check your WebAdvisor/MyPortal, "Check My Registration Dates/Holds" to verify your assigned registration date.

  3. I only applied for the spring term-do I still get to register for winter?

    No. You are not automatically assigned a winter date if you applied for spring. Only continuing students who attended fall, or new/returning students who applied for winter will be able to register for winter and spring terms. If you would like to take winter classes, please apply for winter by clicking here. Your registration date for winter may not be the same as your spring date.

  4. When will fees be due? Will I need to pay for both terms within a certain deadline? Will I be dropped from my classes for non-payment?

    Fees are due as soon as possible upon registration for the closest upcoming term. If fees are not paid in a timely manner, a hold will be placed on the student's record which will prevent the student from registering for a future term, viewing grades and getting transcripts, enrollment verifications and diplomas/certificates until fees are paid in full.

  5. How many units can I register for per term?

    The standard limits apply, please click here for details: Registration Information

  6. What if I only want to attend the spring term and not the winter term?

    You can register for either term. You are not required to register for both terms.

  7. Can I wait to register for spring if I'm not sure about my schedule and/or Student Ed Plan yet?

    Yes, you can register on or after your assigned registration date. However, try to register as soon as possible as classes tend to fill up very quickly.

  8. What if I change my mind about certain classes I registered for already? Will I receive a refund for the class?

    You can add and drop classes on WebAdvisor or MyPortal as usual. It is imperative that you drop unwanted classes by the refund deadline or you will not receive a refund.

    Check for the refund deadline drop date pertaining to the class on your class schedule through WebAdvisor. If you do not drop within the refund deadline, you will be liable for any fees applicable to the class and may ultimately receive a failing grade for the class.

  9. Can I register for a prerequisite in the winter and register for the next level class for the spring term?

    Yes, you will need to register for the prerequisite in the winter first and register for the higher-level course for the spring term.

    If you DO NOT pass your prerequisite course or you drop from the course in the winter, you will be automatically DROPPED from the higher-level course in the spring term.

  10. What's EduNav?

    For more information, please visit the EduNav Information Page.

  11. When will we be able to purchase parking permits for either term?

    Parking permits are not required for the winter term. Spring term parking permits will be available for purchase via WebAdvisor once registration begins. Click here for a tutorial video on how to order a parking pass: