Student Email/MyPortal Information

The student email address acts as the login to MyPortal.

MyPortal is our online service that allows students to view their registration date, register for classes, access their student email, drop classes, order parking permits, pay fees, view their financial aid status, and much more.

Riverside Community College District (RCCD) students are assigned a free student email account through Microsoft's Office 365 for Education. Important notices about financial aid, waitlist statuses, schedule changes, and more will be sent to this account so students should check their email daily.

Students must login to MyPortal using the following URL to access their email account:

​​Default Password

The default password is the first initial of the student's first name in uppercase and the first initial of the student's last name in lowercase combined with the student's six-digit date of birth. For example, a student named Jane Doe with a birth date of 06/10/1990 would have a default password of Jd061090.

Accessing MyPortal/Student Email Video Tutorial

How To Reset Your Student Email/MyPortal Password

GO.RCCD.EDU is a service that allows students to change or reset their student email/MyPortal password. To take advantage of this feature, students must first complete a brief registration process. Registration consists of two required steps and one optional step:

  1. Provide answers to challenge question (required).
  2. Provide an alternate email address (required).
  3. Setup the mobile authenticator on your smartphone (optional)

After completing this process, students will have the ability to request a One-Time Passcode via GO.RCCD.EDU that will enable them to reset their password.

Click here to download detailed instructions about the GO.RCCD.EDU registration and password reset process.

Alternately, students who have not registered for GO.RCCD.EDU can login to WebAdvisor to reset their student email/MyPortal password. Students must click the "Student Email Password Reset" link on the Student Menu of WebAdvisor and follow the directions. Please be aware it may take five business days for the password to be reset using this method.

Students who are unable to reset their password online should visit the Admission & Records office for assistance. Passwords cannot be reset via email or over the phone.

How To Forward Emails To A Personal Email Account

Students can configure their RCCD email account to automatically forward emails to a personal email account. Instructions on how to do so can be found on Microsoft Support's website: Turn on automatic forwarding in Outlook on the web.

Deactivation Policy

At least once a year, RCCD will deactivate the email accounts of students who have not enrolled in courses for a period of more than two years. If your account is deactivated for this reason, the contents of your account will be permanently deleted. If you return to any of the RCCD colleges, your email address will be reinstated but your account will contain NO previous content. To protect any important emails or attachments, it is your responsibility to back up your RCCD account on an ongoing basis.