Assessment of entry-level English, math and reading skills is a process and can involve more than just testing. In accordance with Assessment regulations [Title V, Section 55522], student assessment should only happen once and should be used for initial placement into courses. Once a student has completed initial assessment, that student should progress through the curriculum.

However, the Riverside Community College District has the following re-assessment policy: 
Students may appeal to retest under one or more conditions:
    1. After 12 months has passed from previous test date without starting course progression,
    2. Based on compelling evidence that the initial placement level is not an accurate reflection of the student's ability,
    3. After proof of appropriate academic intervention has occurred,
    4. After successfully completing an RCCD Math or English sequence course with at least a "C" or "P" grade, a student can retake the math or English placement test.
Students who qualify for retesting must complete a Matriculation Appeal Petition (with evidence attached); available in the Counseling Department with the front-counter staff.

Retesting is limited to once per 5 year period for the math or English placement tests.

For more information,
Visit the Counseling Dept.
Dr. Charles A. Kane 
Building, 2nd Floor
TEL: 951-222-8440​​