​​​Riverside City College Division of Student Services
Mission Statement
To professionally and proactively dedicate ourselves to provide a student-centered environment that will enhance academic achievement.
College Goals
Student Access and Support:
Our college is an open-access institution inviting our diverse community to the benefits of higher education. We are committed to providing the support necessary for student success. We strive to reduce barriers to services and programs.
Responsiveness to the Community:
Responsiveness to the Community- Riverside City College is deeply committed to its role as a community resource and to meeting community expectations. The College actively pursues partnerships between our educational and business partners. We also play an important role in promoting community service and civic responsibilities.
Culture of Innovation:
RCC is committed to being an innovative institution working to improve teaching and learning, and student support services through the effective delivery and use of technology and by expansion and modernization of our learning environments.
Resource Development:
As a learning organization, we recognize the importance of seeking new and alternative funding to advance the College and to add value to what we do, while improving our cost effectiveness.
Organizational Effectiveness:
Effective organizations employ effective practices. We are a learner-centered organization and are committed to RCC’s mission and values, to the strategic planning process, to meeting the unique needs of our students and a diverse workforce, to maximizing the development and utilization of resources and to continuous improvement.

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