Chancellor's Letter

As an education leader, I know a good investment when I see one, regardle​ss of a student’s immigration status.

Investing in young people has been a lifelong calling for me. Supporting the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration policy is a worthy investment. In fact, it is an investment that America made over a century ago when ports were filled with European immigrants. While means of transportation and borders might have shifted, the dream hasn’t.

As the United States Supreme Court prepares to weigh in on the legitimacy of Dreamers, I encourage, not just the Supreme Court justices, but Congress, state and community leaders as well as all Americans to support the Dreamers and the future they will help us realize. Seeking an education and increased opportunities should be a goal for every individual, wherever you reside. I want our DACA students to know that we see them, we value them, and we will continue working on their behalf, ensuring they can continue to prosper socially and economically.

Dreamers are a part of the prosperity of this nation, contributing upwards of $450 billion to the United States economy. They become doctors, nurses, educators for the next generation, serve in our military, and open businesses. Ending DACA would remove nearly 900,000 men and women from the workforce and derail education opportunities for 250,000 children. Criminalizing Dreamers would crush dreams. Derail the American economy. And, erase the history of what has made America the unique country it is today.


Wolde-Ab Issac, Ph.D.
Riverside Community College District