Join three expert panelists and President Anderson in a timely discussion titled “Civic Engagement in a Pandemic and Beyond.” Each of us has the ability to influence policies that affect our lives and to strengthen society through participation in the democratic process. Even in the midst of a global pandemic we can learn from the panelists about how to expand our understanding of the political environment, become better informed about current events, and empower more voices from diverse backgrounds to be heard. Bring your questions and perspective.   ​

Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 6 pm

President’s Panel

Camille Bruce is a 19 year-old student at Riverside City College. She is currently majoring in English with aspirations of attending law school and becoming a lawyer. She is enjoys writing, spending time with family and friends, and meeting new people. Camille’s goal is to serve as a positive role model for others, demonstrating that anything is possible once you believe in yourself.

Parissa M. Clark, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of Political Science, a first generation college student, and the daughter of immigrant parents. She earned her doctorate degree in Political Science from UCLA specializing in Race and Ethnicity Politics. Her dissertation focused on Latinx nonprofit organizations throughout the Civil Rights movement and grassroots political organizing among communities of color​

Paloma Montes is the assistant to Ward 1 Riverside City Councilmember Erin Edwards. She is a Riverside native with a background in K-12 education. Paloma is passionate about arts and innovation in Riverside, and elevating the voices of young and marginalized people through civic engagement at the local level.

The panel will be facilitated by Dr Anderson who is committed to strengthening the College’s role in the community and increasing equitable access to higher education, especially for those marginalized by structural racism. Civic engagement has been part of his life for four decades. It all started by walking the picket line with his grandmother as a toddler, to volunteering under Paul Wellstone in Jesse Jackson’s 1988 campaign, to human rights work in Central America, South Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.