Faculty may earn FLEX credit for viewing the following videos. At the completion of viewing these videos, please download, complete and print the Declaration of Viewed Streaming and submit to either the Faculty Development mailbox in the mail room or Melinda.Miles@rcc.edu​

FLEX Video Library

​To access these videos you will be redirected to RCC's Mediasite. To login in please use the information below.

Login: rcc

Password: rcc

Discovery Lecture Series

Deep Time: A Biological Perspective​ by Greg Burchett (1 Hour FLEX)
Deep Time and the Age of the Earth​ by Bill Phelps (1 Hour FLEX)
The TIME of my Life​ by Garth Schultz (1 Hour FLEX)
A True History ofChocolate:​ Cacao in Northwest Mesoamerica and the U.S. Southwest (AD 900-1450) (1 hour FLEX)

Barbara Millis Video Series

Using Groups Academic Games 4 Learning Assessment​ (1.5 Hour FLEX)
Using Group Activities Both Wisely Well (2 Hours FLEX)
Using Cooperative Activities to Foster Deep Learning​ (2 Hours FLEX)

Lecture Series

Mel Gurtov: Will this be China’s Century? A Skeptic’s View (1 Hour FLEX)
Oliver Thompson: The California Prison System (1 Hour FLEX)