As noted in the FLEX Information and Guidelines, all faculty are required to complete 24 hours of professional development activities (from July 1-June 30). These activites, according to the California State Flexible Calendar Policy must fall into at least one of the following categories:

1. course instruction and evaluation

2. staff development, in-service training and instructional improvement

3. program and course curriculum or learning resource development and evaluation

4. student personnel services

5. learning resource services

6. related activities, such as student advising, guidance, orientation, matriculation services and student, faculty and staff diversity

7. departmental or division meetings, conferences and workshops, and institutionals research

8. other duties assigned by the district

9. the necessary supporting activities for the above

(Please review the FLEX Information & Guidelines for more specific information)

Faculty can submit an individual FLEX activity to his/her Department Chair for approval before the event and is then responsible for entering it into the FLEX Trackers System. Faculty must submit evidence of participation as well for each FLEX event. 

For any on-campus FLEX events, please complete and submit the following forms and return to the Faculty Develpment Coordinator, Estrella Romero at Estrella.Romero@rcc.edu. These requests will be reviewed by the Faculty Development Committee for approval. Once approved, email confirmation will be given along with a sign in sheet for the event which can be returned to Estrella Romero/Froke Blessum via the Copy Center mailbox or to the Hunt Center (Digital Library 401).