Tips for Success

The following are a list of tips and suggestions from previous RCC nursing students:

  • Never think you won't be accepted into the program. Prepare as if a position has already been offered.
  • If you're going into the VN Program, take Biology 50A and 50B; you'll find it very helpful.
  • Attend a Pre-Nursing Workshop so you can get all the details and plan ahead.
  • Consider registering for NXN-84 Prepare for Success in Nursing School.
  • Know fractions and decimals!
  • Do all the prerequisites and suggested courses before entering the programs, if at all possible.
  • Discover what learning style is best for you before you start.
  • Learn to do without.
  • Start a Student Educational Plan with our Nursing Counselor Jackie Urena in the SON.
  • Attend Nursing Academic Engagement Center activities. 
  • Learn to study and focus.
  • Balance your life and get major stressors out of the way before getting into the nursing program...(if you need to move, do it first!)
  • If you're waiting to get into the program, take a medical terminology or pharmacology class.
  • Make sure you have a dependable vehicle.
  • Organize your finances and use student aid.
  • Know that your schedule will need to be very flexible if you must work during school.
  • Talk to someone who knows how the SON ADN (RN), VN  and/or NATP programs function. Don't assume!
  • Use your resources; don't wait until it is to late to seek help from faculty or the Student Outcome Specialist.