SON General Program Requirements


  • Information regarding prerequisites and the selection process can be obtained by calling (951) 222-8405 or by viewing the links on the right side of this page. Completion of a two-year Education Plan with a counselor is recommended as early in your academic program as possible; please contact the Counseling Department at (951) 222-8440.
  • There is no waitlist for any RCC Nursing program. If a student is not offered a space in the program, a new application is necessary for the following semester.
  • A combined Anatomy and Physiology series must be completed at one school. This is due to possible missing components in curriculum when completed at separate colleges. You should meet with an academic counselor to make sure that coursework from other institutions is accepted by RCC before taking coursework at another college or university.
  • Riverside City College reserves the right to designate a certain number of spaces for contract agreements and/or meet requirements of grant-designated outcomes.
College Application
  • If you have never attended RCC: Submit an RCC application online before you apply to the School of Nursing.
  •  If you are a continuing RCC student: You DO NOT need to file another RCC application in order to apply to the School of Nursing.  If you have had a gap in enrollment, you MUST reapply to the college. Continuous enrollment means a student who has remained continually enrolled without any gaps in enrollment.
  • Please ensure the required documents are on file in the RCC Counseling Department by the application deadline or your application will not be processed.
  • Official, up-to-date transcripts from all colleges attended (also showing work in progress). RCC transcripts not required. Failure to declare ALL colleges attended and submit official transcripts before the deadline will invalidate the application. Check WebAdvisor to ensure your transcripts are on file.
    • ADN (RN) Applicants: High school transcripts are only needed if trying to satisfy the Chemistry requirement or to get points for foreign language from high school. If a full year of chemistry taken in high school with at least "C" grades earned, you may be able to test out of Chemistry by passing the Chemistry Placement Exam.
    • VN Applicants/30 Unit Option: Proof of high school or college graduation is REQUIRED. Official, up-to-date high school transcript (showing graduation date) or equivalent: i.e. G.E.D., High School Proficiency Examination, Associate degree or Bachelor's degree. No diplomas accepted, only official transcripts.
  • Foreign high school or college transcripts must have a "Detailed Evaluation" completed by a transcript translation/evaluation service (APIE, IERF) Failure to submit the "Detailed Evaluation" will result in lower priority status.
Transcripts are "Official" when they are sent directly to RCC from the sending institution, or are hand delivered by the student in a sealed envelope from the sending institution.
Transcripts are "Up-to-date" when they are received by RCC no more than 90 days after the sending institution issued them, as verified by the date that the institution stamps on the transcript. If you need to request an official copy of your transcripts from other colleges previously attended, a "Transcript Request" form is available in the Transfer Career Center.
It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all transcripts are official and up-to-date and other necessary information/documents have been received by the School of Nursing at the time of the application. Failure to submit all official transcripts by the deadline will invalidate your application. Transcripts that are not official and not up-to-date will be returned to the student. Please be aware that your transcripts will be purged after one year if you have never enrolled at RCC or if you have not been an RCC student for four years.