Learning Resources

Learning Lab

The learning lab is located in room 251 in the School of Nursing and is open five days a week. This lab houses 18 medium-fidelity simulators that student can use to assimilate their knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs). Knowledgeable part-time faculty, most of whom currently work in the acute care setting, are available to assist and guide students as needed with study and practice. Study groups are strongly encouraged in the nursing program to stimulate critical thinking, develop skills and knowledge, and build support for classmates. While room 251 is generally available, special reservations do happen from time to time. Please see the Learning Lab calendar to ensure the lab is available.

Nursing Computer Lab

The Nursing Computer Lab is located in room 255 in the School of Nursing and is open five days a week as well unless room reservations have been made by semester-level faculty. Please check the Computer Lab calendar prior to coming to the lab to ensure availability. The Nursing Computer lab houses 80 desktop computers for nursing students. Students are able to use current computer-assisted-instructional nursing programs as an adjunct to learning while practicing decision making and critical thinking. They can do homework assignments, search the Internet for up to date health care and nursing information, and study for state board NCLEX exams.

The Learning Lab and Computer Lab are open during intersessions (between semesters) so motivated students can brush up on skills and knowledge from the previous semester, and get a head start on upcoming information.

Virtual Hospital

The Virtual Hospital is a simulated hospital environment that houses five high-fidelity simulators. These simulators help to promote clinical reasoning, clinical judgement making and critical thinking skills. The Virtual Hospital is available for special appointments. Please check the Virtual Hospital calendar prior to setting up an appointment with the Nursing Simulation Lab Specialist.

Library Resources

The Digital Library and Learning Resource Center (DLLRC) houses a large selection of related resources including textbooks, references, and journals. Holdings include subscriptions to Journals and books related to nursing, medical, and health care. To search for information in the library database, use the LAMP system.