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Pilates / Dance Conditioning Certification

The Pilates/Dance Conditioning Instructor certificate is designed to prepare individuals to teach the Pilates Method of body conditioning using the full-range of Pilates apparatus as well as the mat work repertoire, the foundation of the Pilates Method.  Individuals will be trained to work with beginning to advanced level students as well as with special populations including dancers and athletes.
Emphasis is on both academic and practical experience.  Taught by certified Pilates instructors, students completing the certificate will be trained to teach at privately-owned Pilates and dance studios, fitness/health clubs as well as physical therapy settings where Pilates is offered.



Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate and/or identify beginning to advance Pilates exercises for mat and apparatus.
  • Describe the principles as developed by Joseph H. Pilates and their relevance to a Pilates program.
  • Design a lesson plan for mat work and apparatus.
  • Teach a properly constructed Pilates class using appropriate cueing and demonstration.
  • Identify common alignment problems and teach proper modifications and/or solutions.
  • Identify kinesiological principles of correct biomechanics for all Pilates exercises.

Required Courses:_________                                                              _________________

DAN-12 Kinesiology for Pilates Instructors/Dancers  3
DAN-13 Pilates Methodology 2
DAN-D46 Pilates Mat Work 1
DAN-D48 Reformer Technique 1
DAN-D49 Intermediate Pilates 1
DAN-D50 Pilates for Dancers 1
DAN-D51 Advanced Pilates 1
DAN-14 Internship in Pilates Education and Teaching   4

Electives          (Select 3 units from one of the emphases below)_________________
DAN-D21 Ballet, Beginning                                         1
DAN-D22 Ballet, Intermediate 1
DAN-D32 Jazz, Beginning 1
DAN-D33 Jazz, Intermediate 1
DAN-D37 Modern Dance, Beginning 1
DAN-D38 Modern Dance, Intermediate 1
KIN-16 Introduction to Athletic Training 3
KIN-43 Personal Training  3

General Lifestyle Management Emphasis (3 units)___________________________  
KIN-4 Nutrition                                         3
KIN-35 Foundation for Fitness and Wellness 3
KIN-36 Wellness: Lifestyle Choices 3
KIN-38 Stress Management 3

Total Units                                                                                  ________________              17

This certificate may lead to employment competency, but does not lead to an Associate in Science Degree.

For more information email Anna.Chavez@rccd.edu or Kelly.Lamoureux@rccd.edu

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