Behind the scenes
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10 Reasons to be a part of the RCC Art Club
1.) We have brought in many internationally known artists and speakers to present lectures and workshops, FREE for our students and community, from time to time in cooperation with the Riverside Art Museum.  These events have increased our student’s interest and turnout has always been outstanding!
2)  We organize field trips to major museums (LA County, Norton Simon, and Huntington Library) as well as art colleges (Art Center College of Design, Otis, Cal Arts) that are open to all students’ campus wide, as well as faculty. These events have been very rewarding for our club, because many students have never been to a major museum, let alone traveled outside of Riverside to somewhere like Los Angeles!
3)  We often display artwork in various locations on campus as well as many off campus sites in rather impressive gallery spaces, such as the Riverside Art Museum, Riverside Art Walk in downtown Riverside, as well as the Digital Library and Learning Resources here on the Riverside campus.

4) The club also purchases awards for the end of the year, Student Honors Show. These awards honor outstanding students for their hard work.

Bi-Annual Animation Festival.jpg
RCC Bi-Annual Animation Festival

5) We have ALWAYS participated in entertaining the children of the Riverside community at Halloween Town. “Indiana Jones”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Aladdin”, “Super Mario Bros.” and “Mouse Trap” are some of the themes we have chosen.

6)  We have served the RCC Art Gallery by catering the majority of the receptions over the past years.  We’ve also organized the music and performance art for a past opening.  Openings are a very popular event, gauging by the student and community turnout!
7)  We also raise money for student scholarships.
8)  We also run a recycling program in the Art Building to help raise funds for our club.
9)  The club has uses its own funds from our fundraising projects, to purchase special items to benefit our students and donating these items to the college art department to enhance their educational environment.  Many times these items have been things that the art department normally would not have the budget to supply.  Items the club has purchased for the benefit of our students; an anatomical skeleton, various plaster casts, hand molds, art supplies for financially strapped students, extra portable lights, space heater for life models, microwave oven, small refrigerator and 2 benches for the department lobby.
10) We have been showcasing the students’ animation films biannually, inviting over 200 guests including the animation industry professionals and educators.
We are an extremely active club and one that does nearly everything with great care, energy, talent and awareness of student service and we look forward to your participation.

Will Kim
Associate Professor of Art, Riverside City College RCC Animation Showcase Director / Art Club Advisor Office Art Bldg. 101B Phone (951) 222-8179