​Department Chairperson:​
    Scott Herrick
    (951) 222-8354

Department Contacts:

    Dept. IDS:  951-222-8533
Dept. Technician’s office: 951-222-8532

Location of faculty offices:

    3rd floor of the Math and Sciences Building

    Adjunct faculty do not have offices.  They may be contacted directly via email
    or messages may be left for them with the Dept IDS or Chairperson.

Location of classrooms and labs:
    3rd floor of the Math and Sciences Building

Credit by examination:

    Currently there are no courses offered that are credit by examination within the life

Repetition of Courses:

    No course can be repeated in which a grade of "C" or better was earned.  (See school

    If you have a physical, psychiatric, emotional, medical, or learning disability that may impact 
    your ability to carry out the assigned course work, you are urged to contact the staff in the
    Disability Resource Center offices in Administration #121, on the Riverside
    Campus.  You may also call (951) 222-8060, the DRC will review your concerns, and
    determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate.  All information
    and documentation is confidential.

​Conflict Resolution:
    Students may encounter problems in a specific class or with a specific instructor.  If those
    problems cannot be worked out with the instructor, the student may contact the department
    chairperson.  If the situation cannot be resolved at this level, then the student may elect to
    speak with the Dean of Instruction (951-222-8250) or Vice President of Instruction (951-222-

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Located in the Math & Science Building, #12
on the campus map legend.

Main Office 951-222-8533

Dept. IDS - Julie Taylor 

Dept. Chair - Scott Herrick