The Honors Program Community
The Honors Program offers RCC students an opportunity to engage with faculty and peers from across the campus and the state in a variety ways, from seminar-style classes to field trips to community club activities to conference presentations.
Honors Seminar Classes
Honors classes are capped at 20 students and taught in seminar style, offering more chances for students to interact with their honors professors, share their ideas, and shine.
Honors classes are filled with students who have chosen to join the Honors Program, so there is an enthusiasm for learning, a focus on academic excellence, and a palpable drive to succeed as they prepare to transfer.
 Honors classes develop critical thinking, verbal communication, and written communication skills to prepare students for transfer.
Field Trips
Every semester, the RCDD Honors Program provides opportunities for students to go on campus visits to regioanl universities in the CSU and UC sytems, as well as private schools.  Transportation to the university campus is free to students, and these events are coordinated with the campuses themselves to provide students with multiple opportunities to experience the school itself and learn about transfer opportunities.  (See the flyer at left for information about our next campus visit.)
DSC_1050.jpgHonors coordinators and faculty provide one-one-one mentoring, helping students do well in their classes, get involved in the college, prepare and present at undergraduate research conferences, choose a major, find a school for transfer, and complete their transfer applications.
Our RCC honors liaison from the Financial Aid Office helps students find scholarships and other price breaks within RCCD and at the 4-year institutions of their choice.
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The Honors Program offers opportunities for students to develop leadership skills as an Honors Advocate or a member or officer of the Honors Community Club.
The Honors Program Club supports and energizes the Honors Program through student-led, student-centered activities and events. Each year, the club organizes fundraisers, participates in broader RCC community events and activities, and hosts several academic events, including 2017 "Procrastinator's Unite" study session, and the 2018 "What's Beyond RCC?" alumni panel, featuring former DSC02836.jpgHonors students telling their stories of transfer. The Honors Program Club also provides vital support to the program as a whole, volunteering in recruitment, and taking leadership roles in the organization of our program's field trips and conferences, along with promoting and communicating on behalf of the program through social media.
Each year, the Honors Program takes field trips to regional colleges, museums, and performances.  This past year featured campus visits to UCLA and UCSD, and museum and zoo trips.
The Honors Program provides a space for students to study on campus and interact with their professors and peers. At RCC, students gather in the Honors Center in QD 207.DSC00036.jpg

Opportunities for Student Research
Honors professors work with students to develop their work and revise it to be conference-ready.
The annual RCCD Honors Student Research Conference is a great opportunity for students to present their ideas to a small audience, and our college presidents offer awards each year to the best papers.
Honors professors offer practice sessions to work on students’ public speaking skills.
The annual UC Irvine Building Bridges Conference is another opportunity for students to present their ideas, this time to a larger audience. Our students (even when they’re nervous) always do well at this conference because they’re very well-prepared.

The RCC Honors Program has also partnered with UCR to provide our students with UCR library access, and we have participated in a campus tour of UCR's lab facilities and library special collections.
The Honors Program Coordinators
Prof. Tucker Amidon, Honors Program Faculty Coordinator
Office: Quad 222A
Phone: (951) 328-3760
Prof. Dan Hogan, Honors Program Student Coordinator 
Office: Quad 208A
Phone: (951) 222-2608 
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Contact Us

The Honors Study Center is loacted in Quad 207.


Honors Program Student Coordinator:    

Prof. Dan Hogan   Quad 208A


    Honors Program     Faculty Coordinator:

Prof. Tucker Amidon  Quad 222A