Getting Credit for Honors Classes

1.     Will my honors classes show up as honors on my transcripts?
a.      Yes!  All but our newest honors courses have the “H” designation and will show up as such on your transcripts.  And even for the brand new honors classes that don’t yet have the “H” there is still a way for these to show up on your transcript as honors.
b.     Making sure your transcripts reflect the honors course work you do and getting certified for having completed the program is simple.   Just request the Extra-Curricular Activities Form (check the box when you order your transcripts online or request one from the Admissions and Records Office). This form has a place for you to record your honors coursework; you then bring the form to your honors coordinator or counselor, so he or she can sign and certify your honors work.   If you choose to take the 6 classes required to complete the program, we will certify your completion on this form as well.
c.      This form (which also lists all of your extra-curricular activities, publications, and scholarships and awards—don’t forget to include your Honors Program leadership positions here) will be sent out with your official transcripts.  Be sure to update the form as needed so what goes out accurately reflects your achievements.
2.     So How Do I Take Advantage of the Transfer Agreements?
a.      You’ll need to meet with the honors counselor and the honors coordinator to do the paperwork to get the agreement started, plan your coursework so that you can complete the honors program (this means taking 6 honors classes during your time here and maintaining no less than a 3.2 GPA), and then certify that you have completed the program.  Please be aware that for many of the schools listed above, you’ll need a higher than 3.2 GPA—so you need to take 6 honors classes, fulfill the other course requirements for the major and school you are targeting, and keep up your grades.  Staying in close contact with your counselor and honors coordinator is the key here, as well as holding up your end of the bargain in terms of required GPA.
How to Complete the Program
1.     Students may complete the Honors Program and be eligible for transfer agreements by earning a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher and completing five (5) honors classes, without earning a grade lower than a C in any honors seminar.
2.     Please be aware that for many of the schools/ programs to which you may be planning to transfer, you’ll need a higher than 3.2 GPA to be competitive—so you need to take 5 honors classes, fulfill the other course requirements for the major and school you are targeting, and keep up your grades.  The Honors Program can give you an edge, but you must meet the basic entrance requirements for the school/ major you’re applying for before this “edge” kicks in.
3.     Remember, even if you only successfully complete a few honors course (that is, do not officially complete the program), this effort can still make you stand out among transfer students.
Current Class Schedule and Signing up for Classes
1.     Current Class Schedule
2.     Honors Program classes appear on Webadvisor (along with all other district offerings) and will be designated with an H (e.g.: POL-1H or HIS-6H). You can also search for all honors classes by limiting your Webadvisor search to “honors” in the drop down menu.
3.     Please note: you cannot sign up for honors classes until you have been accepted into the Honors Program. This is a very fast process one that can be completed by sending the application to your honors coordinator by email.
4.     Once you have completed your honors orientation, you will be flagged for four semesters; if you have not completed the honors orientation, your “flag” will expire after one semester.  You have to make sure to complete the orientation before you want to sign up for the second semester. Contact your honors coordinator if you have difficulty registering for classes.
5.     Can we have an on-line application?

How to Apply
1.     It is best to apply well before you plan to register for classes; as only pre-approved students will be allowed to register for honors sections.
2.     To apply to join the RCCD Honors Program, download and complete the Application Form.
3.     If you do not currently meet the minimum eligibility requirements (GPA, transcript requirement, etc.), yet believe that you are capable of succeeding in the Honors Program, we encourage you to complete and submit the Petition for Special Admission form and to submit it with your application.
4.     At any point, please contact your college honors coordinator with questions about application to the program.
X. Transfer Agreements and Links
1.     Transfer Agreements
2.     Honors Transfer Council of California
3.     UCLA Transfer Alliance Program
4.     FastWeb
5.     CSU Mentor
6.     Assist.org
XI. UC Irvine Building Bridges Conference The Honors Program participates in this student research conference every year. It’s a great opportunity to present research to an outside audience and connect with honors students from around the state. It’s sponsored by the Honors Transfer Council of California, and RCCD is always an active participant.
1.     Abstract Template information
2.     MLA Citations format
3.     Issues Forum information
4.     Poster Presentations
5.     Tips for Presenting
6.     Tips for Writing a Proposal
XII. Honors Program Exit Survey
XIII. Norco Honors website
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