Welcome to the Riverside City College Honors Program!

​​We ​​offer transferable classes featuring an enriched, engaging curriculum and smaller class sizes offered in the seminar-discussion format for all eligible RCC students, including international students.  
We have classes in disciplines all across the college, from biology and anthropology to art history and dance appreciation to economics and psychology, and so many more (for a complete list, click on the fact sheet link at right).
To make it easier for you to get started, Honors Program applications are accepted all throughout the year (no application deadlines!).  We know that the sooner our students find the program, the more likely they are to complete the program and reap all of its benefits, so don't hesitate.  Send your application in today!​
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Contact Us

The Honors Study Center is located in Quad 207.


Honors Program Student Coordinator:    

Prof. Dan Hogan   daniel.hogan@rcc.edu   Quad 208A

    Honors Program     Faculty Coordinator:

Prof. Tucker Amidon  tucker.amidon@rcc.edu  Quad 222A