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The Community for Academic Progress (CAP) Program is an exciting program designed to allow students to enroll in grouped or paired courses that share common themes, activities, and assignments. Since the courses are linked, students take these classes as a group, allowing faculty and students to work and learn together. Whether you are transitioning from high school or are a continuing college student, CAP has a learning community for you!  While college may seem overwhelming, CAP addresses your needs in an environment of caring faculty, staff, and administrators. In addition to learning communities, CAP offers math courses that are only open to CAP students, which means everyone in a math CAP class is part of the CAP program.
Debbie Whittaker
(951) 222-8434
The Honors Program offers seminars in a variety of general education classes that you need to transfer, all of which encourage you to improve your critical thinking, written and verbal communication skills, and to cultivate your awareness and understanding of diverse points of view.  We are committed to drawing a diverse group of students and faculty together and providing learning opportunities and services which will prepare you to be more competitive in reaching your future goals.
District Honors Coordinator
The Puente Club wants to build a strong sense of community within R.C.C. to current and former Puente students as well as other interested students. It also wants to inform club members of academic, social, and community activities and also to foster ongoing development of our personal and educational growth by exposure to the transfer process, career workshops, guest speakers, scholarship information, educational field trips, cultural outing, and university tours.
Rosa Ramos: 222-8762
Steve Garcia: 222-8255
Joe Anguiano: 222-8953

The Ujima Project is an academic achievement program designed to help students transfer to four-year colleges and universities, attain Associates degree(s) or vocational certificate(s), develop into community leaders, mentors and activist.  It also provides resources designed to promote students' cultural background into the education experience with an emphasis on African and African-American Culture.  Further, it advances academic achievement through involvement in learning communities (CAP), mentoring programs, workshops, career and academic guidance.