Department of English and Media Studies

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Welcome, RCC Students!

Our department provides instruction to every student who attends Riverside City College, regardless of academic major or career plans. ​

To serve our diverse population, we offer courses across a​ broad range of skill levels and interests in order to help students achieve their transfer, certificate, degree, and/or professional goals​. 

We are proud to offer courses in the following academic disciplines:


    • English 
    • Reading
    • English as a Second Language (ESL)
    • Film Studies
    • Journalism


Department English & Media Studies
Dept IDS (951) 222-8519
Department Chair Kathleen Sell (951) 222-8681
Assistant Chair          Jo Scott-Coe​​ (951) 222-8052​
Assistant Chair          Victor Sandoval (951) 222-8587

Our ​Mission Statement

The mission of the English & Media Studies Department at Riverside City College is to foster student-centered learning in and out of the classroom, to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity, to encourage critical thinking, to cultivate literacy, and to support student expression through writing, discussions, presentations, and publications in the areas of English, ESL, Reading, Film Studies and Journalism.​ ​ ​​