Courses in the Department of English​​​​

You may be a returning student looking to develop your writing and reading skills in order to move forward with college, credential, or career. You may be a student just out of high school ​looking for a cost-effective way to prepare for transfer. 

Our courses across offer a wide range of options depending upon your needs and interests--including Reading, English as a Second Language, Introductory Composition Courses, College-Level Writing, and a host of electives and major degree requirements in Literature, Creative Writing/Screenwriting, Film Studies and Journalism.

To browse for English composition, Lit/Creative Writing, ESL, and Film Studies, go to pages 159-167 of our course catalog.

To browse for Reading courses, go to pages 233-234.

To browse for Journalism courses, go to pages 183-184​.

We are located in 
the Quad room #211
Contact: 951-222-8618