English & Media Studies Department Policy
For All English, ESL, Reading, Film Studies, and Journalism Courses​

​Academic Honesty Policy

According to Riverside Community College District Policy 6080, Section II. C. 1 & 2: For instances of academic dishonesty a faculty member may take any one of the following actions:

The faculty member may reduce the score on tests or assignment(s), reduce the grade in the course, fail the student in the course, or recommend to the appropriate administrative officer that the student be suspended from the course. If course suspension is recommended, the administrative officer will review the information regarding the instance of academic dishonesty, notify the student, and will prescribe appropriate due process procedures.

The administrative officer will make note of the offense in the student’s educational records. A second instance of academic dishonesty may result in expulsion proceedings. Any tuition and applicable fees will not be refunded as a result of disciplinary action for academic misconduct.

Late Work

​All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the scheduled date. Late papers will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.


Attendance in classes and labs is mandatory. English & Media Studies Department policy establishes the equivalent of one week’s absence as sufficient cause for dropping a student from a class, unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor for valid absence: illness or family emergency. Students who are absent from class after the final drop date will miss necessary instruction and subsequently may have their final course grade lowered.

Grading Policies

Individual instructors are responsible for establishing grading criteria for the classes they teach, and any questions concerning grades should be addressed to the specific classroom instructor.

Students with Disabilities

If you have a physical, psychiatric/emotional, medical, or learning disability that may impact your ability to carry out assigned work, you are urged to contact the staff in Disabled Student Services, in Administration #121 on the Riverside Campus, phone 222-8060 (City Campus), 222-8062 (TDD), 372-7070 (Norco), or 485-6138 (Moreno Valley). DSP&S will review your concerns and determine, with you, what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation is confidential.

Electronic Communication Devices Policy

Electronic communication devices must remain off during class time. Exceptions may be considered by faculty consultation (i.e. family emergency).

First offense may result in the student being suspended from the class for one meeting. Repeated offense may result in up to a 3-day suspension from the class pending a conference with the Dean of Student Services.

English & Media Studies Mission Statement

The mission of the English & Media Studies Department at Riverside City College is to foster student-centered learning in and out of the classroom, to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity, to encourage critical thinking, to cultivate literacy, and to support student expression through writing, discussions, presentations, and publications in the areas of English, ESL, Film Studies, Reading, and Journalism.