Associate in Arts in English Degree for Transfer

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

The ADT is for those looking to transfer to CSU. The ADT guarantees admission to the Cal State System - not necessarily the school of your choice and it is offered to those institutions who offer a similar major. It is imperative that you meet with a counselor to determine if the ADT is the transfer path for you to follow. Your advisors and counselors can give you more specific information about the ADT. For those of you looking to UC and or private institutions, the specific mix of classes varies somewhat by institution, so using counseling, Transfer Center, and is crucial! (Both the Transfer Center and counselors can help you with learning to navigate if you aren’t already familiar with it.) Meeting with both a faculty advisor to identify your transfer institutions and with your counselor to confirm that you are on track with what you need is highly recommended! 

Read the full description of the English ADT in the current college Catalog or download an English ADT handout.

Transfer Timelines 

If you are planning to be at your transfer institution next fall, Fall 2017, you will be applying to universities you are interested in transferring to in Fall 2016. If your target date for transfer is the year after, you’ll be applying the following fall, 2017. For those of you looking for spring transfers or private school transfers, you’ll need to work closely with the Transfer Center and your counselors.

CSU applications open in October; UC applications open at the beginning of November. Both are due at the end of November. BUT you will want to start gathering and preparing what you’ll need before then so you are ready to fill out applications without rushing to meet a deadline. The Transfer Center can help you with the nuts and bolts of filling out applications and you should definitely check out the TAP (Transfer Admission Planner) resource! Faculty Advisors can help you with your personal statements for UC applications or applications to private schools requiring a personal statement. 

Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs)

Several UC campuses offer guaranteed admission to California community college students who meet specific requirements. By participating in a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program, you will receive early review of your academic records, early admission notification and specific guidance about major preparation and general education coursework. 
The mix of schools with which we have TAGs varies somewhat from year to year, as do specific requirements. Work with the Transfer Center to identify if RCC has a TAG that fits your needs.

Worksheet for English Majors

Download the Worksheet for English Majors to help you make sure you stay on top of your plans for degree and transfer.